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What is 8sided?: The origins of my other name.

"Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with table top games, or fantasy card games or any of that".

8sided. A pretty weird name to have, I know. You have no idea how many people have asked me in the past few years what the hell it means. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with table top games, or fantasy card games or any of that. The origins of this name can be traced back to around 2011. I used to be really into a lot of things and so I had a different group of friends for every hobby I had. I noticed that I would behave differently with each group and I almost felt like a different person without realizing it. I couldn't grasp how many different ways I felt so I just chose 8.

The number 8 has so much significance whether it's creation, prosperity, luck, etc. But I didn't really choose it for any of that. It's just always been my favorite number since I was little. It's the bridge of my journey as a curious kid, to where I am now making comics, to where I'll be in who knows how many years. So I chose it to describe myself: 8sidedDi (short for 8 sided Diego).

Now over the years, I've shortened it to just 8sided since a friend used to call me that and I grew to like it more. The name can be used to describe my stories (mostly told through comics) but it's come to represent a whole state of mind that developed from my creative process.

SIDED: sketching, inking, designing, enhancing, dialogue. (Give or take a few things). One of the reasons I make comics is because they're faster and cheaper to make than films. And video games are so complex to work on. That doesn't mean I don't try to make those things with help from others. But when I make my comics, I'm used to going hands on in every aspect of it. Writing, sketching, coloring, inking, editing, etc. I genuinely love doing all of it and it brings me joy to bring a project to life from scratch. When I'm able to think of a character and develop them into an idea, seeing them come to life with just a few strokes of a pencil is extremely gratifying.

After producing and creating so many comics over the years, I decided to fully embrace it as the name of my company as well. It's got a personal meaning to me but that's what makes it so satisfying to share with everyone else whose willing to support and join me. It feels honest, it feels right and any other name wouldn't.

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