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Looking Back On Five Years of 8sided Comics And A Glimpse Into The Future.

Back in 2015, I started exploring the idea of executing an indie comic book project when I was in high school. It had always been a dream of my friends and I to actually finish a book. We've tried to make one since we were younger than 10 years old but it never really led to anything other than fun inside jokes. But it was that history that gave me the drive to finish my first comic, Children of Argas: Chroma's Quest.

In retrospective, sure it wasn't a masterpiece. But I was damn proud of it and myself for bringing it to life from idea to print. I sincerely want to thank some of my professors, Bryan Hiveley, Judith King, and Mona Mandall for the support and advice they gave me in the process of creating it.

Finishing that book not only gave me something to present and show as a finished product. It also gave me the confidence to tackle my next extremely ambitious project. Scorpia and the Smiling Freaks was a 120 page Graphic Novel. I went through three different versions of this book. And due to the work being scrapped for not meeting my expectations and the files being corrupt and lost from technical issues. (BACK UP YOUR FILES) I worked on the final version for about a year before finally printing it. The result was a blood and gore filled tale of vengeance with music references and spaghetti western inspired visuals.

After an exhausting year of production on Scorpia, I decided to take a little break and only work on small projects for the next few months. This included the One-Shot: "Reflection" and the "Draagy's Intergalactic Street Artist" series. I was mainly working on paintings and illustrations until I decided to make a drastic decision that surprised me and excited me all at the same time...

I couldn't stay still after being so used to creating. I had a force that pushed me to keep going and developing ideas. I filled two entire notebooks with story ideas, lore, and illustrations. This ultimately became my next and more ambitious project than ever before. A multiple-issue saga that reintroduced The Children of Argas in a whole new light. This reboot adds detailed backstories, multi dimensional characters, and a planet filled with more weirdness than ever before. This series is completely intended for all ages to enjoy. Issues 1-2 are available now at The 8sided Marketplace. Upcoming issues are still being created at this time.

Also in progress is an entirely black and white prequel to Scorpia and the Smiling Freaks. This book centers around the lives of Robbie, Santi, and Scorpia as they meet and form their band while dealing with the emotional and awkward moments of growing up. Going by the name: Los Pesados, I want to explore some hispanic themes while also pushing myself more than I ever have in terms of dramatic storytelling.

Moving forward, I plan on continuing 8sided Comics with its' existing IPs and new ones that I've been writing since 2016. You'll get your hands on them in the coming years. I also have big plans on collaborating with other creators. Funnily enough, the future of 8sided Comics isn't just limited to comics. I see a huge future in Transmedia with my characters and stories. I'm currently studying skills in animation and game development, so you're gonna be seeing a lot more from me through comics and beyond.

Thank you for the incredible support during the past five years. Here's to the next 500!

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